Tuesday, August 5, 2014

NOVA Bound: Necrons Complete

This weekend I got a solid day of painting in, and knocked out the last of the Necrons for NOVA. Conveniently, on Monday I also got my custom foam from Battlefoam to transport the army. And with that, I'm done on the Necron side of things.

The last batch on my table was 3 barges, 5 Deathmarks, and 2 Crypteks, along with the two Night Scythe bases.

First step was priming everything - painting grey plastic grey is invigorating. I had some issues with my larger airbrush, and so it took far longer than it should have. I eventually gave up and went with the Sotar 20/20 for everything. Not ideal, but better than fighting my Grex - I think I bent the needle, and there could be something gunked up too. Needs a good cleaning at minimum, and I may bring it to NOVA to troubleshoot with the Grex guys.

From there, I laid down the dark brown basecoat. I used a slightly different brown for the flyer bases, and then coated them with Crackle Medium. While that dried, I jumped to the midtone brown from about 45 degrees and up.

Finally, was the bone highlight which was completely zenthial from above. That was followed up with white on the various glowing bits, and then Plasma Fluid Ghost Tint there. Some basing and lining on the barges, and the army was done.

As I mentioned, I also got my Custom Battlefoam, to load up the army.

To review my painting list, it now looks like this:

  • Must Paint:
    • Catacomb Command Barge
    • Transcendent C'Tan
    • 2 Annihilation Barges
    • 2 Night Scythes
    • 10 Immortals
    • 5 Deathmarks
    • 5 Scarabs
    • 3 Tryanid Warriors
      • Assembled
    • 3 Ripper Swarms
      • 75% Painted
    • Touch Up Biovores
  • Stretch Goals
    • 2 Crypteks
    • Trios Display Board
    • Malifaux Crew (90% Assembled)
      • Jakob Lynch
      • Hungering Darkness
      • 3 Illuminated
      • Mr. Graves
With the Necrons knocked out, I'm feeling pretty comfortable about finishing the models at minimum. I have two weekends remaining that I'll be able to paint. I'm still not sure I'll be able to get the display board done, but might get it started this weekend.