Wednesday, March 23, 2016

FTGT Painting - Patreon and New Website

As I mentioned on Monday, this week marks the first week of me working full time as a commission painter (in addition to being a stay-at-home dad, so full time is more like 4 hours a day if I'm lucky). In addition to painting, I've started a Patreon page, as well as created a new website just for my commission service. The website is primarily a portfolio of completed work; I'll still include in progress and completed project posts here.

This week I'm working on a commission for Phil; the Deathwatch side of the Deathwatch: Overkill game. In the pic above, I've completed the main black and highlights on that. I'm hoping to have them knocked out this week.

As I mentioned before, I started a Patreon page. Any support would be awesome. I'm hoping, through the Patreon, to host video hangouts and chats while I'm painting, do one-on-one video Q&A sessions, and generally provide some transparency to what I'm doing as a commission painter.

I also have a new website for the commission paint service, where you can go to get information about requesting a commission, as well as view some galleries of completed work.

I do have to give a quick thanks to the guys who have already reached out about getting things painted. I'm already looking at a couple months' work, which is awesome. So thanks! And keep an eye out for updates on the various projects I have coming up, which I'm really excited about. In addition to the Deathwatch squad, I'll be painting the entire box for another customer, a Dark Eldar army, a Ravenguard army, and a Warhound Titan!

Thanks for reading this far, and please go check out my Patreon, the new website, and even my YouTube channel, which I'm hoping to start updating with content both about painting and gaming. Thanks guys!

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