Monday, June 30, 2014

NOVA Bound: Necron Painting Day

With my last free weekend between now and August, I decided to get a good day of painting in with my Necrons. On the table I had 10 Immortals, 6 Scarab Bases, and 2 Night Scythes. I put on some Netflix and got to work.

First step was a primer - I used Badger's Stynylrez Grey. It was a little thick in this session (might not have shaken the bottle enough) and so I had to fight it a little to get it out of the brush (I also have a bent tip on my wide spray brush, so other contributing factor) but the Stynylrez is pretty forgiving and levels out if you spray a bit too much in a spot.

Between a few spray difficulties and the need for as close to 100% coverage as possible, this was the longest step.

With the Priming done, I went on to a base coat of Minitaire Muddy Brown.

This coat went close to 100%, but focused on the undersides. I left out some spots on the tops of the Night Scythes.

Next up was Minitaire Bark, which was sprayed from a broad overhead angle (30-45 degrees above horizontal)

Then came the ultimate highlight, Ancient Bone, which was just about directly overhead and lightly sprayed.

At this stage I also did a coat of Snow White on the guns and other parts which would be getting a blue glow.

So next was the blue glow. For this I used Minitaire's Plasma Fluid Ghost Tint. This went on the guns and around eyes and other lenses.

With that, the Immortals and Scarabs were done, minus basing. For the night scythes, following the touch-ups I added to my first Annihilation Barge, I used a brown wash in the major connection lines, and then the plasma fluid brushed into the thinner lines. Since the bottom was still a dark brown, I sprayed a thin line of the Ancient Bone around each line, then added the plasma fluid. I'm pretty happy with the effect.

I then finished the Immortals and Scarabs by basing. I also added some red to the icons on the chest and foreheads of the Immortals.

I then put the scarabs together with the old ones. I can tell a slight difference, but I think they're very close.

Finally, I went ahead and added some color to the Overlord who will be riding the Command Barge. I went with an Orange/Red on the middle of his cloak and his loincloth bit.

With the added color, I'm closer to calling him done. I'd still like to do something with his Warscythe, but not sure what.

With these done, my updated to do list for NOVA:
  • Must Paint:
    • Catacomb Command Barge (assmebled)
      • Lord - update/touch up (95%)
    • Transcendent C'Tan
    • 2 Annihilation Barges
    • 2 Night Scythes\
    • 10 Immortals
    • 10 Hormagaunts
    • Tyrannofex gun and head and underside of tervigon
    • Flyrant with magnetized Boneswords, scything talons
    • 5 Deathmarks
    • 5 Scarab Bases 
  • Stretch Goals
    • Haruspex Head and Claws (50%)
    • New Converted Crone
    • 10 Hormagaunts
    • Malifaux Crew(s) - Jakob Lynch and The Kin sets