Friday, May 10, 2013

Painting: Ork Warboss

It has been a while since we've had an update. For that I apologize. I was out of town for business and, when possible, have been writing up the big game bat rep for our gaming weekend, which is taking a lot longer than I'd anticipated. I am expecting to have to split it into two parts, with the first part up soon.

To get back into the swing of things and provide a quick little post while I wrap up the maps for Part 1 of the Bat Rep, I'll provide you with an update on a model I managed to complete while out of town: my Ork Warboss from the Assault on Black Reach starter box.

The warboss has been, more or less, a small side-project for several months. I began back in December (while on a business trip) where I started with the skin. I decided to try a new technique with my Orks and dilute paints to the point of being washes, and paint those directly over a white primer. For the skin, I didn't have any goblin green, but I had two other greens, which I tried both:

The version on the right was what I tried first, and struck me as a bit too light on the first coat. After about three coats it got to a more acceptable level for a boy. For the Warboss though, I wanted to lean toward a darker shade, since in the fluff, the bigger and meaner Orks usually also have darker skin. That said, the shade I was getting with the paint on the left seemed too forest-green for me. After some debate, I decided to go ahead with the darker color anyway, and then highlight it up with a lighter shade than struck me as more Orky. For the boyz I planned on just leaving them as-is, since there will be about 60 of them, but a Warboss deserved a little extra time and detail. 

I didn't get back to the Warboss much at all for several months. When I did, I sat down and got him just about complete in a day. I added my highlights to the skin and then moved on to everything else. I painted all the metal parts black first, since silver over white comes out way too bright for an Ork. After the black, I went back and painted some parts silver, choosing to leave some others black (like his giant Mork belt buckle and bosspole). I also picked some plates and the like on the weapons and armor and painted them red. My Boyz lean toward a Kult of Speed mentality and so, like Red a lot. I also painted his loin-cloth the same shade of red, though it would be getting a much different treatment.

With any Orky painted bit, I see it as not getting regular care and repainting. To reflect this, I like painting "chips" in the red which show the bare metal beneath. To get this effect I start by adding  little wedges and edge highlights of black to the corners and edges. This was done at random. Then, I go back and add silver to just about cover the black, being careful to leave a very thin line or edge of black. This edge of black adds depth to the chip and makes it look like the edge of the paint is raised over the metal, even though the layers go in the opposite way. I also added some chips to the black "metal" sections, but it doesn't stand out as nicely.

With the metal done, I moved on to the remainder of the model. To begin, sticking with my washing method, I went back and touched up the cloth and the like with white. As you can see, I'd painted what I decided would be leather a tan shade early on. From there, I made a brown wash, which I then coated just about the entirety of the model that was not silver or green. I also used the brown wash over the red loin-cloth and the hair on the bosspole, which I had painted yellow. I added a few additional coats to the parts I wanted darker, while leaving others with just one or two coats. Finally, I highlighted some of the cloth pieces to make them stand out a bit. The pants got a brown coat to make them lighter than the boots and belt, but darker than the shirt and various wrappings. The wrappings on his gun arm and slugga handles got a bleached bone highlight to give the impression that the cloth had been white before the ork got his hands on it.

With that, the warboss was just about done. I just had to touch up a few little parts and then base him, which ended up taking a little over a month before I fully got to it. The base is very simple: just sand painted black and then drybrushed grey.

And with that, he's finally done! Warboss Gnashrak is ready to lead his WAAAGH! through the galaxy.

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